Scotch Fillet for V-Day

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Product name: Valentine's Scotch Fillet Recipe
Description: What we have was rather uncomplicated, scotch fillets of beef (a.k.a. ribeye), served with garlicky green beans and Chimichurri sauce. This recipe is a true definition of spectacular food that does not have to be complicated
Type: Dinner
Valentine's Scotch Fillet Recipe
Time to prepare the recipe: 10 minutes
Time to cook: 10 minutes
Duration: 20 minutes
Ingredients: scotch fillet, butter, thyme, rosemary, garlic, parsley, coriander, red onion, olive oil, lime, dried chillies,

“Oh my God !!! I can’t believe it…” Jenny screamed out emotionally.

I lied to Jenny on V-Day. Before you – my dear readers have any negative thoughts toward me, rest assured that it was not a terrible lie. On the contrary, I think it did way more good than harm.

A few weeks back, while we were hanging around in the mall, I noticed that she kept staring at a pair of shoes. Since then, the idea of buying her those as a surprise gift on Valentine’s day stuck in my head. “But how?” I wondered to myself. Since my schedule had been very tight at work, and lately she had had the same day off as me, I must come up with a secret plan to sneak away. Luckily for me, there had been a lot of meetings at work that I had to attend the week before. This would be the perfect cover for me to get to the mall. Sneakily, I set the alarm on my phone at 8:36 a.m with my usual in-coming ringtone on V-day. When it rang, I told Jenny that my boss called me and I had to be at the restaurant for a menu changing meeting. I also made sure that everything seemed truthful enough, so I made my voice sound as tiring as possible, pretended to be reluctant to go, dragged myself out of the bed and put on my uniform with a heavy sigh. I turned to look at how she would react. No suspicion was raised, so I knew half of my plan had been successful (Hooray! Damn, I was good hahaha. How do you guys think about a career change for me in Hollywood? JK!!!).

I rushed to the store and got the exact pair. Arriving home, I slowly approached her, since she was still sleeping, and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Once she turned around, I confessed to her that I had lied about the meeting in order to get her this pair of shoes. She screamed out joyfully with her heart and soul. I could see a trail of happy tears in her eyes as she gave me a kiss and a hug. The best feeling for me was from the moment when my wife tried out her new shoes and they were a perfect fit.

Later that day, we decided we would do something different for this special night. Instead of dining out like other years, we cooked at home. What we prepared was rather uncomplicated, scotch fillets of beef (a.k.a. ribeye), served with garlicky green beans and Chimichurri sauce. It was a straight-up dish, nonetheless held a surprisingly amazing flavour. This recipe is a true definition of spectacular food that does not have to be complicated. It is all about getting the best ingredients that you can, and with a bit of simple seasoning, it stays true to its natural taste. For me, the most important ingredient is “love”. When you put your heart and soul into any dish that you make, no matter what the result is, I am sure your taste buds will always feel pleased.

Frank Pham


Scotch Fillet for V-Day

Prep time Cook time
10 mins 10 mins


Ingredients Amount
Scotch Fillet (rib-eye) 350gm each
Butter 2 knobs
Thyme or Rosemary a few sprigs
Garlic 2 heads

Chimichurri sauce:

Ingredients Amount
Parsley 1/2 bunch
Coriander 1/2 bunch
Red onion 1 small one or 1/2 big one
Olive oil 125ml
Lime 1
Dried chillies 1tsp (optional)

*Note: Maybe this recipe will be more than you actually need, but you always can save it for later, as it will go well with any type of meat.


1. Take the meat out of the fridge so it can go up to room temperature, this will help your steak cook more evenly and it will not be stone cold in the middle (if you prefer it to be rare or medium rare)

2. Meanwhile, let’s start with your Chimichurri sauce by finely chop up the parsley and coriander, finely dice the red onion ( if you have a food processor this will be very quick), transfer everything into a mixing bowl, season with salt and pepper. Measure then pour the olive oil and squeeze 1 lime into the mixing bowl. Sprinkle some dried chillies, then mix everything together. Set aside, let the ingredients do their magic.

3. In a smoking hot pan, add a touch of oil then go in with your steaks (remember to season both sides of the steaks with salt and pepper generously). Make sure each side will be caramelised perfectly, as Gordon Ramsay would always say: “no colour, no flavour”. And you know you would want your steaks to have that amazing beefy flavour.

4. I only add the butter, garlic and thyme after I flip the steak (remember only flip it once). Tilt the pan one sided then with a spoon, start pasting the thyme and garlicky browned butter onto the steaks. (I am drooling as I am picturing the whole scene hahaha)

5. For the doneness part, it is really up to you. You can either use the touching method, or my preferred way that is to use a thermometer. With a thermometer, I can know exactly the internal temperature of the steak and it will come out perfect every time.

* Also remember to take out your steaks before it reaches the desired temperature. As when the steaks will carry on cooking while they are resting.

6. Let the steaks rest for the same amount of time you cooked them, in order to ensure all the juice goes back into the steak. This results in succulent steaks.

7. Slice up your steaks, spread a spoon (or two, even three) full of Chimichurri sauce on top of it. I serve my steaks with garlicky green beans, you can have it with roasted potatoes, mash, or basically anything that your heart desires.


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