Soba Beef Noodle Soup
for a Rainy Day

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Product name: Soba Beef Noodle Soup Recipe
Description: Rain... There is something about the rain that makes me want to wrap my fingers around a bowl of soup. I guess the chill from it urges me to have something that will warm me up from the inside.
Type: Dinner
Soba Beef Noodle Soup Recipe
Time to prepare the recipe: 10 minutes
Time to cook: 30 minutes
Duration: 40 minutes
Ingredients: steak, kikkoman soy sauce, rice vinegar, mirin, brown sugar, garlic, ginger, dry chilly flakes, leek, carrot, garlic, corn kernels, beef fat, daishi stock powder,

Rain… There is something about it that makes me want to wrap my fingers around a bowl of soup.

I guess the chill from it urged me to have something that will warm me up from the inside. Dragging myself downstairs to the kitchen, I looked for random ingredients. And there it was, sitting in the corner of my pantry, a bundle of dried wheat noodles, soba (its native name), which I almost forgot about after a visit to an Asian market a couple of weeks back. It only took me a glance at it to know right away that my supposed gloomy day just got a lot more exciting. I was gonna make a simple soba noodle with Dashi cooking stock, but then I wanted something more, a twist to this regular dish. So the idea of having a bowl of soba soup with Teriyaki steak as a topping came to my mind.

To get started, I marinated my steak first. I used skirt steak for my recipe, but you could use any other cut of your choice. I love skirt steak! I only know about its existence during my one-year apprenticeship in Miami. It has such a unique flavor, very robust and by marinating it before cooking, you would surely elevate the steak to an even higher level.

My soup base consisted of leeks, carrot, garlic and one special ingredient – beef fat. Yes, beef fat!!! Not only would it bring a beefy flavor up a notch (which personally I love), but also is beneficial to your heart. So I do recommend using beef fat in this recipe, but again, you can always use any other oil of your preference.

After rendering out the fat, I started sweating the leeks, carrot, and garlic till they were a little bit caramelised then I added water and some sweet corn kernels. Then I brought everything to boiling point, and seasoned it right after with Dashi stock powder, mirin and Kikkoman soy sauce. Subsequently, I reduced the heat and let the soup simmering.

In a heavy bottom pan, I started searing my steak by caramelising it perfectly on one side then flipping it to the other. I added a knot of butter and basted that beauty. As soon as it reached the doneness that I wanted, I removed it from the pan and let it rest patiently.

I sliced up my steak, medium rare just like how I preferred. Placing it on top of soba noodle, I then garnished with some thinly sliced leeks and sweet corn kernels, then pour that hearty soup over everything.

I sat myself down near to the window. Looking outside to the rain while enjoying my accomplishment. “Not so bad, for a rainy day.” I thought to myself.


Soba Beef Noodle Soup

Prep time Cook time
10 mins 30 mins

Noodles of your choice: in this case I used soba

Video below

For the meat part, marinate 30 mins – overnight

Ingredients Amount
Steak of your choice 500gm
Kikkoman soy sauce 150ml
Rice vinegar 25ml
Mirin 50ml
Water 50ml
Brown sugar 3 tablespoons
Garlic 3 cloves
Ginger 50gm
Dry chilly flakes 2 teaspoons

Prepare Dashi soup for 4 portions:

Ingredients Amount
Leek  1
Carrot  1
Garlic  3 cloves
Corn kernels  200gm
Beef fat  25gm  (or 2 tbsps of any oil)
Water  1.5l
Dashi stock powder  20gm
Kikkoman soy sauce  100ml
Mirin  50ml


1. Combine all the marinate ingredients in a container. Marinate your steak in the mix. Allow the meat to be marinated for at least 30 mins or overnight for deeper flavour.

2. While your steak is marinating, cut leek, peeled carrot into chunky pieces and crush garlic. Use a clay pot or a normal pot, medium heat, start rendering out your beef fat (if you using oil, skip this part). Add in cut up leek, carrot and garlic. Cook until slightly caramelised.

3. Add water, corn kernels and bring everything to the boil. Season with Dashi powder, Kikkoman soy sauce and mirin. Reduce heat and let simmer till serving.

4. Cook your noodles follow the instruction on the package.

5. In a heavy bottom pan, start searing your steak ( be careful with the heat, because the marinate contains sugar, it will caramel very quickly).
Caramel both side of the steak, then adds a knot of butter and some Dashi soup. Start basting the steak. Cook till your desired doneness, set the steak aside for resting.

6. Place your cooked soba in a bowl, garnish with some thinly sliced leeks, corn kernels, a vegetable of your choice ( here I used bok choy). Slice up your steak and place it on top the noodle, then pour in your Dashi soup. Enjoy!!!

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