Christmas Chicken

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Among all of Christmas delicacies, roasted chicken is probably the most common one. This year, in order to save me some time and not making a big mess in my kitchen, I am still gonna make roasted chicken, but with a smaller and easier version. Instead using the whole chicken, two chicken marylands are all I need. It is simple and quick to cook, but the flavour remains phenomenal. Join me in the kitchen today with my easy Christmas Chicken recipe!


Christmas Chicken

Serving 2 people

Prep time Cook time
30 mins 30 mins


Chicken marylands 2
Potatoes 400gm
Garlic cloves 3
Butter 25gm
White wine 150ml
Water/Chicken stock 250ml
Thyme 3gm

Corn starch and water to thicken up the sauce


1. Place the potatoes in to a pot, cover with water. Par boil the potatoes until cooked completely. You can check by using a knife to poke the potatoes, if it go through easily, it is cooked. When the potatoes is cooked, strain out and set aside.

2. Drizzle some olive oil over the marylands, season both side with salt and pepper. Pick some thyme leaves (around 1gm) and pack it on the chicken marylands.

3. Place a pan over medium heat. When the pan is hot, add olive oil, then add the chicken marylands, skin side down.

4. When the skin is golden brown and crispy, turn it to cook the other side. Add butter, garlic cloves and thyme. Tilting the pan and start basting the marylands with the flavoured melted butter.

5. When the butter turn nut brown, add the white wine and water/chicken stock. Bring to the boil then move it the pre-heated oven at 180*C, for 20 minutes.

6. If you do not have the oven, simply add another cup of water/chicken stock and turn down the heat and simmer until the marylands is cooked completely.

7. While waiting for the chicken, let’s crisp up the potatoes. Cut the potatoes in halve. Place a pan over medium heat. When the pan is hot, add the potatoes halve, open face down.

8. Season with salt and pepper. Wait until the open faces are crispy and golden brown, flip to the other side. Sprinkle some chopped chives (optional). Then set aside.

9. After 20 minutes, take the chicken out of the oven. Set the marylands aside, strain the cooking liquid into a pot. Mix some corn starch and water, then slowly pour into the pot to thicken up the sauce.

10. Serve up the roasted chicken marylands with the potatoes, steamed green beans (optional) and your Christmas Chicken is done! Pour the sauce over and enjoy!!!