Frank’s Fried Chicken

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Product name: Frank's Fried Chicken
Description: While Jenny and I sat down at the table and enjoyed our fried chicken, coupled with a pot of Vietnamese Lime Tea, flashbacks from the non-stop eating tour in Melbourne appeared before our eyes, and we both agreed that we will be back for more.
Type: Dinner
Frank's Fried Chicken
Time to prepare the recipe: 10 minutes
Time to cook: 10 minutes
Duration: 20 minutes
Ingredients: chicken thigh, garlic powder, paprika powder, black pepper, salt, oil, soy sauce, egg, flour,

The alarm went off, it was time to go to work. Putting on my uniform and getting everything ready, I gave Jenny a kiss on her forehead (she was still lost in her dream), then headed to the door.

It was a cold morning in Mackay (yes, it can be quite shivering here during winter). The wind blew strong. As I was walking down the usual path to get to my workplace every day, my shoulder suddenly felt heavy. In fact, my whole body felt exhausted. It was not until then that I realised, it has been forever since I have a proper rest. Later that day, after coming back from work, I told Jenny that we should take time off and go on a vacation. We decided that Melbourne would be our destination.

Here is a short video clip that I filmed during our short break in Melbourne last winter:

Not bad for a first timer right??? Hahaha, I do really hope you enjoy it though.

What can I say about Melbourne? Hmm… For me, Melbourne is such an ideal place to live in. I fell in love with this city the very moment I stepped out of the airport. It was a joy to walk down the streets while seeing and hearing the trams that are running throughout the urban area. I have always been into discovering intriguing lanes and alleys, where the rewards have always  been fascinating restaurants, amazing café and artistic graffitis. Australia’s Second City gave me just as much. And to put the cherry on top, an afternoon of drizzling rain in Melbs sent the chills down my spine, as a sudden nostalgic feeling washed all over my body. Perhaps it reminded me of my hometown Saigon (where it rains for 6 months annually). Also, rumor has it that you can experience all four seasons in one day there, and to me, this peculiarity added such a unique touch to the city’s character.

Our journey to Melbourne is a marathon of non-stop edible goodies. Our traveling partners, a couple of lovely friends Arvin and Amel, made sure that our bellies always filled up with happiness and delicious food. I can still recall there was a day when they woke me up really early; it was 7 AM I think. Waking up around this time was nearly impossible for me, but that day was an exception, since I got to do it for the food haha. Before the trip, Jenny and I made a list of dishes that we would want to try. Fortunately, at the end of that day, I was pretty sure we were able to cross everything off. From our craving for Vietnamese food to the taste of fresh sushi, from irresistible burgers with amazing soft brioche to Michelin star awarded dim sum, we had tried them all, and it was truly an outstanding culinary experience.

Time indeed does fly really fast when you enjoy yourself. As reluctant as we were, it was time to come home after a week of vacation. During our flight home, I asked Jenny, “What will you miss about Melbourne?” She said she was going to miss all the shopping malls (I wasn’t too surprised about this haha), the café that we discovered in that small alley of Little Bourke St., the peaceful walk in Royal Botanic Garden, and one thing that I did not expect – Korean Fried Chicken. In retrospect, we did go for that signature dish from Korea in two different restaurants in a single night.

Today’s recipe is my attempt at Korean Fried Chicken, and I named it Frank’s Fried Chicken (FFC). While Jenny and I sat down at the table and enjoyed our FFC, coupled with a pot of Vietnamese Lime Tea, flashbacks from the non-stop eating tour in Melbourne appeared before our eyes, and we both agreed that we would be back for more.


Frank’s Fried Chicken

Prep time Cook time
10 mins 10 mins


Ingredients Amount
Chicken thigh 1.5 kg
Garlic powder 3 tbsp
Sweet paprika powder 1 tbsp
Black pepper 1 tbsp
Salt 1 tbsp
Oil 4 tbsp


Ingredients Amount
Egg 4
Flour 4 cups (add more if needed)

Sweet soy sauce:

Ingredients Amount
Ginger 10 gm
Spring onion 30 gm
Garlic 10 gm
Dried chillies optional
Kikkoman soy sauce 1/2 cup
Cooking wine 1/4 cup
Dark soy sauce 30 ml
Water 1/4 cup
Sugar 6 tbsp


1. Prep up your chicken thighs by scoring the meat side of the thighs, so that the marinade can go in deeper and it also will cook faster.

2. Transfer your prepped chicken thighs in a large bowl, combine the marinade mix and mix together with the meat. Let it marinated for at least 30 mins.

3. While waiting for your marinated chicken, you can start with your sauce. Thinly slice ginger, cut the spring onion into long strips and thinly slice the garlic. In a saucepan, add some oil, when the oil is hot, add the ginger, spring onion and garlic. Stir-fry till they are fragrant, then deglaze the pan with cooking wine, follow up with soy sauce, dark soy sauce, sugar, water and dried chillies (optional). Bring everything to boil, then reduce until you get a sticky sweet soy sauce.

4. Prepare your coating station – a bowl of flour and a bowl of beaten eggs. Heat up oil in a deep pot or a wok, let the temperature of the oil reach 180*C.

5. Coat your chicken with flour, then egg, then flour again, dust off some of the excess flour, then carefully lay the chicken thigh into the heated oil using tongs.
*Important note: Please do not drop the chicken from a height, it will cause the oil to plash and you might get hurt. Do not overcrowd your frying pot (or wok) so the oil temperature does not drop down too low and your chicken will not be crispy. Turn the chicken occasionally.

6. When the colour of the chicken thigh turns into a golden shade, remove it from the oil and let it rest on a cooling rack. Then continue to do the same to the rest of the thighs. During each time, allow the oil to reach 180*C again so your others pieces will be crispy too. When you done with all the pieces, it is time to refry them. This step will ensure your chicken is fully cooked as well as more crunchiness.

7. When all the pieces are finished, you can either toss your chicken with the delicious sweet soy sauce or drizzle the sauce on top. For garnish, I used some leftover spring onions (simply thinly slice them), sprinkle some toasted sesame seed. Serve together with pickled veggies and cucumber for the unique freshness.


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