Wonton Soup

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After the series of unbelievable hot days, comes the rain that has been carried on for a week now. Yup, welcome to Australia everyone! Because of this weather, aside from going to work, I would rather be home, snuggling into my blanket, playing my own “greatest hit songs ever” collection and enjoying a steaming bowl of comfort – Wonton Soup.

Originally from China, Wonton soup is now enjoyed everywhere in the World. Especially in Vietnam, Wonton Soup is one of the most popular street food as it is delicious, the meal can be prepared very quickly and it is quite cheap too.

There are so many varieties of Wonton’s fillings, most of the time you will find minced prawn and pork for filling, but there are also vegetarian versions with tofu and mushroom inside. The most important step to make delicious filling is your mixture has to be mixed until it is gooey and sticky in a way. This will keep your filling nice and moist. When folding the wonton, you also want to make sure to squeeze out all the air, keep the wonton skin as close to the filling as possible and you will have a burst-free wonton.

Your bowl of Wonton will be perfect if you take care of the soup too. To make the heartiest soup,  you will want to use good quality pork bones. Try to look for pork leg’s bones, which contain a lot of flavour from the meat, fat, and my favourite – bone marrow. It is the key to the super umami flavoured stock.

Do you know that Wonton in Cantonese means “cloud swallow”? Because when they are served, Wonton looks like a cloud floating in the broth. Join me in the kitchen today and let’s create those delicious, fluffy cloud, shall we?

(Recipe video below)


Wonton Soup

Serving 2-4 people

Prep time Cook time
30 mins 2 hours


For soup:

Pork bone 1 kg
Onion 1
Carrot 2
Spring onion (white part only) 2
Whole garlic 1
Preserved radish 100gm
Rock sugar 25gm
Peppercorn 2gm
Fish sauce 125ml
Water 5l

For filling: 

Minced pork 500gm
Black fungus (dry) 5gm
Spring onion (white part only) 15gm
Garlic cloves 3
Soy sauce 60ml
Oyster sauce 60ml
Sesame oil 30ml
Sugar 25gm
Corn flour 9gm
Wonton wraper around 40 sheets


1. Place the pork bone into the pot, fill up with water until cover the bones. Place over high heat and bring to the boil.

2. When boiling, remove from the heat, and strain out the bones, discard the water. Rinse the bones under water to wash way all the scum. Then place back into the pot, fill up with 5l of water.

3. Place the pot over medium heat, add in peeled and halved onion, peeled and choped carrots, spring onion white part, whole garlic cut in haft, the preseved radish and peppercorn.

4. Bring to the boil then reduce heat to simmer for 2 hours. Add the fish sauce and rock sugar to season the broth.

5. Soak the black fungus in hot water until it is rehydarated then mince it. Mince the garlic cloves as well as the spring onion white part. Then add to the minced pork.

6. Add the rest of the seasoning and mix the mixture until gooey consistency. Then fill a small amount in the middle of the wonton wraper and fold to your desired shape. If there is some filling left, you can shape it into a meatball and serve it with you Wonton.

7. Place a pot of water over high heat. When the water is boiling add the Wonton. The wonton is cooked when it start to float.

8. Place the Wonton into your bowl, pour the soup over it, garnish with some spring onion and fried garlic, serve with your choice of green ( I used choy sum) and your Wonton soup is done!