Vietnamese Shaking Beef

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Vietnamese Shaking Beef is a French-inspired dish that is absolutely delicious and very popular in Vietnam. In the past, as beef is considered a high end ingredient, this dish is commonly served in restaurant and at important events. But now as living standard in Vietnam is getting better hence Vietnamese Shaking Beef has become more common in a family’s meal.

This dish is a great way to show that simple ingredients can be very bold in flavour. Join me in the kitchen today and let’s shake it up!

(Recipe video coming this Saturday)


Vietnamese Shaking Beef

Serving 2 people

Prep time Cook time
10 mins 10 mins


Blade steak/eye fillet 500g
Tomato 1
Red onion 1/2
Garlic 4 cloves
Soy sauce 30ml
Sesame oil 20ml
Sugar 10g
Vinegar 10ml


1. Mince the garlic cloves. Cut tomato into segments, thinly slice the red onion then set aside.

2. Cut beef into cube (like a dice shape)

3. Marinate the beef with minced garlic, soy sauce and sesame oil for at least 30 minutes

4. Place a pan over the stove, medium high heat, when the pan a little bit smokey, add a touch of oil then add the marinated beef. Saute until all the side of the cubes are nicely caramelize.

5. When all the side are caramelized remove the beef cubes from the pan. Then using the same pan add the red onion and tomato.

6. Saute’ it thoroughly until the onion become translucent. Add sugar and stir well then add the vinegar to deglaze the pan. Then add the beef back into the pan.

7. Saute everything together and sprinkle some chop up coriander. And you Vietnamese Shaking Beef is done! Garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot with steamed rice.