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Rabokki is a delicious yet very unique dish. It is an interesting combination of Ramyeon (라면, Korean instant noodles) with Tteokbokki (떡볶이, Korean rice cake).

The interesting part of it is their differences in origin. Tteokbokki is known for its close associated with Korean Royal Cuisine in the past, while Ramyeon is a popular meal among students in Korea. But this odd combination really works out as Rabokki is probably one of the  Korean most favourite dishes.

My last trip to Sydney, I got a chance to try Rabokki at one popular Korean restaurant and I just cannot really stop thinking about it. Back here, in Mackay, we do not have any restaurant that sells Rabokki…So yep… you know what is next…haha. Join me in the kitchen today and let’s cook some simply delicious Rabokki.

(Recipe video coming this Saturday)



Serving 2-3 people

Prep time Cook time
10 mins 10 mins


Korean rice cake (tteok) 230g
Cabbage 120g
Onion 1/2
Eggs 2
Garlic 10g
Sugar 25g
Gochujang paste 50g
Water 500ml
Korean instant ramen 1
Ramen seasoning 1/2 a pack
Your choice of:
fish cakes, gyoza or Korean Dumpling (Mandu), I got mine all frozen


1. Boil some water. When the water is boiling, place 2 room temperature eggs in the water. Boil it for 6 minutes then straight into an ice bath to stop cooking process. (Room temperature eggs will be easier to peel and 6 minutes will give you gooey yorks)

2. Soak the Tteok in water for a few minutes. Meanswhile, mince your garlic, thinly slice cabbage and onion. After a few minutes, drain out the Tteok.

3. Place a frying pan over medium high heat, when the pan is hot, add some sesame oil. Then add the garlic, onion and cabbages. Saute until they are got some colour.

4. When the cabbage and onion got some colour, add in the Gohujang paste, stir thoroughly, make sure the paste is nicely coated every ingredients. Then add in the water.

5. Bring the water to the boil then add in the Tteok, sugar and 1/2 a Ramen seasoning package, stir well. Keep it at medium high heat so the Tteok can absorb the sauce.

6. When the sauce is slightly thicken, add the ramen, your choice of fish cakes, gyoza or Korean Dumpling. Peel the eggs and place on top of the ramen.

7. Cook until the ramen is soften up and ready to eat. Sprinkle some spring onion to garnish and your Rabokki is done!

Serve up immediately while it hot, enjoy!