Pad Thai

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Our next foodie stop for this week will be Thailand – the land of Thousand Temples. Thailand has a very exciting food culture, each part of the country will have their unique style of cuisine. Thai people embrace all the goodness of the land has to offer, their cuisine consists of medicinal herbs, spices, the freshness of the ingredients and diversity of cooking techniques. Street-food is probably the main attraction of the country, and without a doubt, I am sure that many have fallen in love with their world famous dish – Pad Thai.

You will be surprised that Pad Thai is not difficult to make at home at all. All you need to pay attention to is the sauce and the type of noodles. In Vietnam, for most of our stir-fried noodles dish we will use fresh noodles, but in Pad Thai the dried one is the key. Dried flat noodles absorb the sauce better, make it stick to the noodles, so every slurp will be full of flavour. The texture also very much different from the fresh one, it will be chewier and will not break during the cooking process. Pad Thai sauce should be sour from tamarind, sweet of palm sugar and salty from fish sauce. Prawn is the most common protein for this dish, but you can substitute it with chicken, pork or even beef.

By writing this post and thinking about Pad Thai makes my mouth all watery already haha. Well, join me in the kitchen guys and let’s cook some Pad Thai.

(Recipe video coming this Saturday)


Pad Thai

Serving 2 people

Prep time Cook time
10 mins 10 mins


Prawn 10
Tofu 200g
Eggs 2
Bean sprout 160g
Dried flat noodles 400g
Minced garlic 40g
Reserved radish (optional) 50g
Served with
garlic chives, crushed peanut, lime, Thai chillies powder

Pad Thai sauce: 

Palm sugar 50g
Tamarind sauce 40g
Fish sauce 60ml


1. Soak the dried flat noodle in warm water for 10 minutes.When the noodles is rehydrated, remove from the water and set aside.

2. Cut tofu into small dices, mince the reserved radish if necessary.

3. Peal the prawn, save the shell and the head in freezer, so you can make delicious Tom Yum soup later (next week’s recipe). Use your knife to cut along the back of the prawn and remove the vein.

4. For Pad Thai sauce, simply mix together all the ingredients, until the sugar is dissolved. You can add some water if the fish sauce is too strong.

5. Place a saute pan/wok over high heat. When the pan is hot, add oil, then add the prawn. Quickly cook the prawn until 90% cooked then remove from the pan, we will cook it fully later.

6. Add more oil to the pan then add the diced tofu, crisp up the tofu, then add the minced garlic and reserved radish.

7. Cook the garlic until fragrant, then add the noodles. Stir well then add the Pad Thai Sauce. Make sure each noodle is well coated with the sauce.

8. Then add the prawn back to the pan, together with bean sprouts and garlic chives or spring onion. When the prawn is cooked, push everything to one side of the pan and crack in the eggs. Fry the eggs then mix it together with everything.

9. Serve the Pad Thai up, garnish with crushed peanut, piece of lime and enjoy!