Margherita Pizza

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Product name: Food Passport: Margherita Pizza
Description: Making pizza at home is truly a very interesting experience. It is really simple and fun to make. Here are some tips that I find really helpful when it comes to homemade pizza.
Type: Dinner
Food Passport: Margherita Pizza
Time to prepare the recipe: 30 minutes
Time to cook: 10 minutes
Duration: 40 minutes
Ingredients: ,

“Jenny dear, between Tiramisu, Risotto and Pizza. What would you choose?”

“Pizza!!!” She answered without a second thought.

Well, guys, I was once told “a happy wife is a happy life”. So on our last foodie journey in Italy, let’s travel to a historical city known as Naples – the cradle of World’s most beloved dish – Margherita Pizza.

Did you know that Margherita Pizza was named after a Queen?

It is a widely believed that in the year 1889, a famous Pizzaiolo (aka pizza chef) Raffaele Esposito has invented a dish called “ Pizza Margherita” in order to honour the Queen of Italy, Margherita of Savoy. And the ingredient on the pizza also represents the colour of Italy’s flag, red (tomato), white (mozzarella) and green (basil).

Making pizza at home is truly a very interesting experience. It is really simple and fun to make. Here are some tips that I find really helpful when it comes to homemade pizza.

1. Make sure that you measure every ingredient correctly, this will save you from the sticky situation like the dough is too wet or it becomes too dry.
2. You do not need a mixer to mix the dough, God had given you the best tools you need – your hands. By using them to knead the dough, you can experience the fascinating changes in the dough, from being sticky to everything starts to come together and form a very nice, smooth ball. Besides, it is such a great upper body workout haha.

3. Preheat your oven together with your pizza stone or a metal tray. Heat holds a very important key in cooking pizza, a hot oven creates a better crust on the outside, crispy and lightly charred, while the inside is soft and airy.
4. Restrain from overtopping your pizza. We all love to decorate our pizza with ingredients, but too much topping will not give you the best result. In making pizza, less is more, the simpler is the tastier
5. If you do not own a pizza shovel, it may be difficult to transfer your pizza to the oven with every topping on it. I recommend that you should shape the dough into your preferred size, place it on a plate or a tray that you will use to transfer it to the oven then put your topping.

I hope these simple tips will help you push away your fear for making fresh pizza. Below will be my recipe for Margherita Pizza, I hope you will enjoy it and until the next food adventure!

(Recipe video below)


Margherita Pizza

Serving 2 people

Prep time Cook time
30 mins 10 mins


A. Pizza dough:

00 Flour 500g
Honey 1 tbsp
Lukewarm water 325ml
Yeast 7g
Semolina flour for dusk

B. Tomato sauce:

Canned diced tomato 800g (2 cans)
Thyme 5g
Minced garlic 1 tbsp
Sugar 1 tbsp

C. Topping:

Thinly slice tomato
Mozzarella cheese
Fresh basil leaves


1. Measure 500g “00” flour into a large mixing bowl. Season with some salt and add in the honey. Add the yeast to the lukewarm water, let it be for a couple minutes then add to the flour.

2. Using a fork start mixing all the ingredient together, until the dough start to feel very sticky, dust some flour on top of a large surface. Transfer the dough to the surface, dust generously some flour on your hands and start kneading the dough.

3. Using the method, one hand hold down the dough, the other push the dough foward, then fold it back. Keep repeating this step, turn the dough occasionally. Dust some flour if it becomes sticky. Knead the dough for at least 5 mins or until its sureface very smooth.

4. The finish dough should be very smooth and it will not stick to your hand or the sureface. Divide the dough into 4 equal portions. Dust some semolina flour ( you can use rice flour instead) into a tray, transfer the pizza dough to the tray, cover with a damped towel, let it proof for at least 1hour

5. While waiting for the doughs to proof, you can start making the sauce. Simply heat up the canned tomato, then add thyme, minced garlic, sugar and check the season with salt and pepper. When it is boiling, turn off the heat and set aside to cool down.

6. Pre-heat your oven at 250*C at least 20 mins before start cooking the pizza

7. After 1 hour, you can start making your pizza. Start of by dust some Semolina flour over the work sureface. Use your fingers start pressing the dough forward, and go around to create a circular shape. When it is reached your desired shape and thickness, spread a layer of sauce, place down your thinly sliced tomato, mozzarella.

8. Cook you pizza in the pre-heated over for 5-10 mins, depend on size and thickness.

9. After it is cooked, removed from the oven, dress it with some extra virgin olive oil, sprinkle thinly sliced basil and enjoy.

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