Korean BBQ Pork Belly

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Korean BBQ Pork Belly ( Samgyeopsal-gui) is by far the most popular bbq dish in Korea. Due to the harsh weather in winter, during this time, the locals tend to warm themselves up with grilling dishes as well as hotpot. Another reason is that it is a great way to spend time with your friends, family, catch up with everyday life stories.

In Korean, “Samgyeopsal” means “three layer meat” which indicates the layers of fat and meat in the pork belly. This part of the pork also Korean most favourite cut of meat. According to a study in 2016, some Koreans would consume around 21kg of pork belly annually. To elevate their love for the belly of pork, they even have Samgyeopsal Day, which will occur every 3rd of March. Sound pretty amazing right?

Cooking Korean BBQ Pork Belly is really simple, all you need is to get a very good quality of pork belly, no season or marinating is needed, as it will be accommodated with a spicy earthy Ssamjang sauce and delicious Spring Onion Salad (Pajeori).


Korean BBQ Pork Belly (Samgyeopsal-gui)

Serving 2-4 people

Prep time Cook time
20 mins         – –


Pork belly: 1kg

Lettuce: 4 bunch

Your choice of side & favourite vegetable, such as: mushroom, cucumber, kimchi…

A. Spring Onion Salad (Pajeori):

Spring Onion: 4-5
Toasted sesame seed 15g
Sesame oil 20ml
Sugar 20g
Soy sauce 60ml
Korean chilly powder
to taste (optional)

B. Ssamjang sauce: 

Gochujang sauce 50g
Toasted sesame seed 15g
Sesame oil 15ml
Sugar 20g
Soy bean paste (Doenjang) 100g
Minced garlic 1 cloves
Sliced spring onion 1


1. Let’s prepare the Spring Onion Salad (Pajeori) first. Thinly slice the spring onion, then soak it in to cold water to remove the pungent smell for at least 5 minutes.

2. Meanwhile combine, soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, toasted sesame seed and Korean chilly powder (optional) together in a bowl. After 5 minutes, drain the spring onion and drizzle the sauce over. Then your Pajeori is done, keep in the fridge until use.

3. To make the Ssamjang sauce, simply combine all the ingredients together and mix thoroughly. Set aside until use.

4. Cut the pork belly into thin strip, you can keep the skin on or take it off.

5. Let’s cook the Korean BBQ Pork Belly. Heat up a grill plate or a pan. Drizzle with some sesame oil. Then place the pork belly into the grill plate.

6. Grill the pork belly until one side is crispy then turn to the other side and do the same. When the other side is also got nice golden colour, use a scissors to cut the pork belly into smaller pieces. This will help them cook quicker.

7. When the meat is cooked. Place it on a lettuce leaf, add some Spring Onion Salad, Ssamjang sauce, kimchi, cucumber, roll it up like a package and pop it into your mouth. Enjoy!