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Product name: Food Passport: Gnocchi
Description: Gnocchi is Italian’s answer to dumpling. Thanks to the introduction of potatoes to Italy by the Spanish explorers that we got the Gnocchi's recipe we all love today. Potatoes help Gnocchi become more airy, light and fluffy like a pillow.
Type: Dinner
Food Passport: Gnocchi
Time to prepare the recipe: 60 minutes
Time to cook: 10 minutes
Duration: 70 minutes
Ingredients: ,

Winter in Mackay is finally here. If you have known me, you know that I love to wrap myself in nice, warm duvet, lay my head on soft cushion and wrap my arm around my favourite bolster (aka Jenny haha) during this slumbery period. Talking about puffy pillow, today on our journey with Food Passport, I would like to share with you an Italian classic dish that is widely known as Gnocchi.

The origin of the name “Gnocchi” is unknown, though it is thought to come from the word Nocca, which means Knuckles, or Knohha, meaning Knot of Woods.

Gnocchi is Italian’s answer to dumpling. This dish has a huge history and can be dated back to 2000 years ago. In ages before, Gnocchi was usually made with only flour, eggs and water. But thanks to the introduction of potatoes to Italy by the Spanish explorers that we got the Gnocchi’s recipe we all love today. Potatoes help Gnocchi become more airy, light and fluffy like a pillow.

There are many types of sauces to pair Gnocchi with, but the most traditional way is to simply dress it in brown butter sauce and fresh sage. The recipe today is inspired by the world renowned Gordon Ramsay, combined with my personal touch. Gnocchi is boiled then pan-fried until crispy on both sides, a little bit of butter, a hand full of green peas and cherry tomatoes, lemon thyme for that zingy fragrant. The last step to seal the deal is grated Parmesan Reggiano. Simple yet delicious.

(Recipe video below)



Serving 2 people

Prep time Cook time
1 hr 10 mins


Potatoes 1kg
Flour 150gm
Egg yolks 2 yolks
Butter 25gm
Green peas 100gm
Cherry tomatoes 100gm
Lemon thyme 2 springs
Parmesan Reggiano cheese as your desire


1. Steam the potatoes until cooked. Steam is better than boil because it will keep the potatoes drier which will give you a better result

2. After the potatoes are cooked, use a tower to hold the potato and peel off the skin. Then mash the potatoes until smooth and allow to cool down until it is work able

3. When it is cool enough, seperate 2 yolk of eggs and measure the flour then add to the mash potatoes. Mix everything together, form a ball of dough, roughly 2-3 minutes. You can always add more flour if feel the dough too wet. Notice not to work the dough for too long, the potatoes will start release water and make the dough wet.

4. Dusk some floor over a surface, divide the dough into 4. Each dough, use your hand and roll it into long rope. Dusk your knife with some flour and cut the dough into Gnocchi. To give Gnocchi some shape, you can simply use your finger and push down right in the middle of Gnocchi to make a pillow like Gnocchi.

5. This recipe will make heeps of Gnocchi for 2 people. You can store Gnocchi in a fridge for 3 days or in the freezer for 3 months.

6. Boil some water. Add in around 15 Gnocchi for each person. Gnocchi is cooked when it is starting to float. Scoop them out and let them drain of excess water.

7. In a hot pan, add some olive oil, and then add in the Gnocchi. Pan-fry until both sides are crispy and golden brown. Then add butter, green peas and cherry tomatoes. Season with some salt and pepper, pick the lemon thyme leaves into the pan, add some cooking water to make a simple sauce.

8. When the sauce is a little bit thick and coat every ingredients, turn off the gas and serve hot immediately. When the Gnocchi is still hot, grate some Parmesan Reggiano over to seal the deal and enjoy.

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