Fish Sauce Chicken Wings

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Fish Sauce Chicken Wings for long has become one of the most popular stable food in Vietnamese’s meals. Due to its humble ingredients, easy to find and the simplicity of cooking but pack with flavour, I have yet to find anyone that dislikes this incredibly tasty dish.

The simple combination but works like a charm of fish sauce, crispy garlic and sugar make Fish Sauce Chicken Wings very “rice alluring”, you just can not have enough rice to go with it, it is that good. Personally, when it comes to the recipe, I would add another special ingredient into the mix. Even though this ingredient is not very common, but the enhancement in flavour that it gives is out of this world, and it is butter.

Adding a knot of butter to the last stage of the cooking process really elevate the dish, adding more shine to the wings, more appealing and a kick of nutty flavour. What truly special is the fatty flavour from the butter will not mass out the unique taste of fish sauce, but it gives the dish more complexity and depth in flavour. Join me in the kitchen and let’s “wing” it up, shall we?

(Recipe video coming this Saturday)


Fish Sauce Chicken Wings

Serving 2 people

Prep time Cook time
15 mins 20 mins


Chicken wings 0.5kg
Garlic 10g
Sesame oil 5ml
Salt & pepper

Coating sauce: 

Minced garlic 15g
Sugar 40g
Fish sauce 40ml
Butter 25g


1. Wash and pat dry the wings, Then crush the garlic add in with the chicken wings, together with sesame oil, salt and pepper ( be careful with the salt, not adding it too much, because you still have the sauce outside)

2. Place a pan over medium heat, add a bit of oil, when the oil is hot add the chicken wings. Fry the wing on one side until nice and golden and crispy, turn to the other side.

3. While the wings are frying, we can make the sauce. Simply combine minced garlic, sugar and fish sauce in a bowl, whisk together until the sugar is dissolved. If you feel the fish sauce is abit too strong, you can mix in a bit of water.

4. When the wings are golden brown and cooked through, discard the excess oil in the pan, then add the sauce into the pan.

5. Stir well so the sauce is nicely coated the wings, then add the butter. The flavour of the butter mix together with the fish sauce is amazing!

6. Sprinkle some chopped spring onion for garnish as well as extra flavour. Enjoy immediately with hot steamed rice!