Teriyaki Sauce

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In our daily busy life, the idea of a sumptuous meal seems like a fantasy to many. What if I tell you it is possible to have a hearty meal, full of flavour and require no effort at all? All you gonna need is having a bottle of homemade Teriyaki sauce, in your pantry, ready to be used.

For me, Teriyaki sauce is the most simple yet so versatile sauce that you can make at home. From Asian to Fusion dishes, this sauce will never fail you, and all it has to offer is perfection in your taste buds.

Did you know Teriyaki dishes actually are commonly found in Japanese restaurants outside Japan, but not popular in the country itself? The fact is that it is more an American tradition than a Japanese one. In Japan, Teriyaki is a cooking technique (not a dish), in which foods are grilled or broiled then glazed with a sauce made from soy sauce, mirin and sugar. ‘Teri’ means the shine on the food, while ‘Yaki’ means to grill or broil.

The perk of having a pre-made Teriyaki sauce in your kitchen is that it will open up a whole new horizon of recipes. Below is my recipe for Teriyaki sauce, and stay tuned, as I will reveal a delicious dish featuring Teriyaki sauce tomorrow in part II.


Teriyaki Sauce

Serving 2 people

Prep time Cook time
5 mins 10 mins


Kikkoman soy sauce: 200ml
Mirin: 100ml
Sake: 80ml
Sugar: 80gm


1. Measure then combine all the ingredients in a pot.

2. Turn on medium high heat, bring the pot to the boil. Stir occasionally to dissolve all the sugar.

3. When boiling, reduce the heat to simmering. Simmering the sauce for 10 mins.

4. After that, transfer to a bottle or jar and your Teriyaki sauce is done!

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