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This year’s winter is colder than usual in Mackay, and I have not been feeling very well. My nose is completely blocked at some point, so I know I have to do something with it. My father-in-law suggested that I should eat some ginger or garlic, it will help to boost my metabolism. But my relationship with raw ginger and garlic is not that good. I do not dislike them, but I can really not consume them uncooked. Then I came up with an idea of using them in a recipe, that I am going to share with you today, and it is known as Japanese dumplings – Gyoza.

The reason why I chose Gyoza as my cold flu remedy is because of its origin. Gyoza originally came from China (where they are called Jiaozi). After returning home from World War II, Japanese soldiers who have fallen in love with Chinese Jiaozi decided to recreate the traditional recipe, thus Gyoza was born. In China, Jiaozi is believed to be invented by a Chinese medicine practitioner known as Zhang Zhongjing. He wanted to treat frostbitten ears, so he boiled some lamb meat, pepper and medicine then wrap in a small dough wrapper. His recipe helped to warm up the poor people, who did not have sufficient warm clothes nor food during winter time.

There are three types of Gyoza: Yaki Gyoza (pan-fried), Sui Gyoza (boiled) and Age Gyoza (deep-fried). My recipe today is for Yaki Gyoza. This recipe actually contains more ginger and garlic, surprisingly, they did not overwhelm the other ingredients, but it actually gave the Gyoza filling a character – spicy and fragrant. It helped me to push back the flu, as I feel so much warmer on the inside. So if you are having a cold, this recipe might be the delicious homemade remedy for you.



Serving 2 people

Prep time Cook time
50 mins 10 mins

(Recipe video below)


A. Gyoza dough:

All purpose flour: 200gm
Boiling water: 110gm

B. Gyoza filling:

Minced pork: 500gm
Cabbage: 250gm
Spring onion (white part only) : 50gm
Garlic: 30gm
Ginger: 40gm
Kikkoman soy sauce: 80ml
Mirin: 60ml
Oyster sauce: 40gm


1. Finely chop the cabbage, spring onion white part, garlic and ginger. Then mix everything together with the minced pork. Try to mix it until the mixture is abit goey. This will keep the meat more juicy.

2. Season the filling with soy sauce, mirin, oyster sauce, salt and pepper. Let the filling marinade for at least 30 mins.

3. Shift the flour into a large bowl, then slowly stir in the boiling water. The temperature of the water will help to haft cooked the flour, hence it will be more elastic and easier to form into shape.

4. Stir until all the flour is combine, the use your hand to knead the dough. The more you knead, the more flour will come together. Stop kneading when the bowl is clean.

5. Cling wrap the dough and let it rest for 30 mins. After 30 mins, remove the dough from the cling wrap, divide into halves. Roll each halve into a long tube then portion into small doughs, 13gm each.

6. Form each dough into a ball, flaten it, dusk with some flour, then use the rolling pin, roll it into a circle wrapper. Dusk each wrapper with flour to prevent sticking.

7. Fill the wrapper with the filling. Then pleat into Gyoza shape.

8. Place a none stick pan on medium heat. Add some oil, then add in the Gyoza. Cook until the bottom is golden brown and crispy, add some water then cover with a lid.

9. Reduce the heat and steam the dumpling until cooked.

10. And your Gyoza is done!!!

Enjoy Gyoza with soy sauce, a touch of vinegar and thinly sliced ginger.

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