Broccoli Soup for the Memories

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Product name: Broccoli Soup
Description: Yes, you heard that right! In under 15 minutes and you already have a beautiful and healthy green soup.
Type: Dinner
Broccoli Soup
Time to prepare the recipe: 2 minutes
Time to cook: 10 minutes
Duration: 12 minutes
Ingredients: broccoli, edible flowers,

It was gonna be one of those days, you know, the ones when I woke up late in the morning, wrapped myself in warm bedding, reluctant to move away from my comfy spot, the “Do Nothing” day.

Facebook has been taking me down memory lane with its “On This Day” feature lately, and I got butterflies in my stomach every time looking at old statuses and photos. Indeed, as I was browsing through my personal page, something caught my attention. A short cooking clip from a nearly forgotten era, which my best friend and I made, sparked something exciting in my mind (and belly), so I decided to take a rain check on the blanket and pillows.

Five years ago, being a fresh graduate from a culinary school in Singapore (shout out to all At-Sunrice students and alumni!), I returned and started my professional journey in my hometown. While searching for a job, my best friend Bao and I came up with an idea so that we could work on a project together. It had been so long since we last hung out this often. As I found my passion for culinary arts, he fell in love with photography (check out his devoted works). We decided to film a series of cooking videos, call it “Food & Art Project”,  and post it on YouTube. My part was to prepare the recipes and perform the cooking, while he took care of the filming and editing.

Our first recipe was “Broccoli Soup”, which was inspired by the renowned Gordon Ramsay. I still remember clearly how excited and nervous it was for me, as that marked the first time that I stood in front of a camera. Though we were amateurs, we did our best to make sure everything was as neat as possible. Bao prepped up all the pieces of equipment needed; lights, reflector, and tripods were on point. On the other hand, I kept reminding myself the whole time to stay steady for the camera, as I took a final look at the recipe, script and my chef’s tools.

When Bao started filming, every word coming out of my mouth suddenly seemed so weird and unnatural as if I had just entered another dimension. Hence, we had to retake lots of shots until I could be a little bit more comfortable with myself. It’s only in retrospect that I could cry laughing at how hilariously struggling I was with the scripts. I could not act at all that day!  In the end, we finally got it, as it could be considered one of the most painful, but also satisfied experiences in my life so far. I had Bao to thank for being tremendously patient with my bad acting and staying up late to edit the video. We were able to post it on YouTube a couple of days later, and fortunately, our friends and family loved it! We were hoping that this could be the start of the next page of our venture. While brainstorming for the next clip, however, I got an offer for an apprenticeship in the US. I told Bao about the news that night, and with extremely mixed emotions, we had to pause our little promising project.

Today’s recipe will be a dedication to our friendship and a reminder of fond memories that I want to hold on to. It will be a simple “broccoli soup for the memories”.


Broccoli Soup

Prep time Cook time
2 mins 10 mins

Yes, you heard that right! In under 15 minutes and you already have a beautiful and healthy green soup.

The soup:

Ingredients Amount
Broccoli 1 head (approximately 400gm)
Water 20 gm
Salt and pepper to taste

Topping depends entirely on your personal taste, what I used was:

Danish Feta cheese
Edible flowers
Micro herbs
Toasted bread


1. In a medium-size pot, fill it up with water, season with salt and bring it to the boiling point.

2. Meanwhile prepping up your broccoli by cutting it into bite-size florets. You can use every part of the broccoli, but if you prefer to have a greener colour soup rather than pale green, you can save the stem for other uses ( stir-fried or pickle) and only use the florets.

3. When the water is boiling, add in your broccoli’s florets, let it cook until it soft enough for your knife to cut through. It is important not to overcook the broccoli as it will lose its green colour as well as its nutrition.

4. Remove the cooked broccoli from the pot and transfer straight away to a blender. Add in some of the water from the pot (aka yours broccoli stock). Do not add too much water at first, just enough to help the blender going. Put the blender lid on, and to be more secure, place a kitchen towel on top of the lid and hold the lid in place ( it is important to do this, since blending hot stuff can cause splashes, and it can make a mess in your kitchen or worst you may get burnt).

5. To start, you want to pulse the blender a little bit so it will be easier to blend. then set to your first speed, slowly increase it until you have a smooth texture. If it is too thick, you can add more of the broccoli stock, slowly at a time until it reaches your desired texture.

6. When the soup is finished, you can stir in a knot of butter to enrich the soup. Season with salt and pepper to your taste.

Sidenote: Have a look at Bao’s wedding photography portfolio.

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