Blue House Café’s Burger

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Product name: Blue House Café's Burger
Description: I would like to welcome you to a dish from that imaginary café - Blue House’s delicious burger. I suppose this is my way of starting small.
Type: Burger
Blue House Café's Burger
Time to prepare the recipe: 20 minutes
Time to cook: 20 minutes
Duration: 40 minutes
Ingredients: beef, garlic, onions, flat-leaf parsley, egg, lettuce, tomato, red onion,

Have you ever daydreamed of something that you are really passionate about?

When sitting in your favourite spot, having a sip of cafe latte and staring blankly into the blue sky, I am sure in some way your mind would randomly take you on a trip to the miracle land of possibilities. I know because I have. Particularly, mine led me to the front porch of a small bistro, on the corner of a moderately crowded street. Its exposed brick walls were painted blue, and in the middle sat a red door. Once I turned my gaze up, hanging from the ceiling was a wooden inscripted sign that wrote, “Blue House Café”.

Why “blue”, you might ask? I later wondered about that too, since it isn’t my favourite colour (mine is black). I guessed my mind decided it had to be blue because it is the colour of hope and dream. I believe that we all sometimes need an escape destination to refuel in this hectic life, to dream away freely and to feel hopeful again. On the other hand, passion, desire and love would embody in the door’s red coat of paint. As customers opened it and stepped inside, I hoped they would recognize the fiery passion in my work, the desire to serve them better and the dedicated love in every cup of coffee and every plate of food.

A laid back atmosphere was what I aimed for in this daydream, separating customers from the urban life of everlasting traffic and worrisome problems. It would be the place where people could find their own corner, return to their senses, sit back and relax, while enjoying their cup of joe and listening to the soothing background music. On top of that, I hope I could use my knowledge, skills and love to pour into every Blue House’s dish, so customers could enjoy a second-to-none experience. The café’s menu would not have to be fancy or complicated, as my goal would be to offer foods that remind customers of home, dishes from moms and grammas that had brought joy to their childhood. They would all be simple and unadorned, yet sincerely delicious.

It is looking like I am starting to wander into the dreamland again while writing this haha. But hey, it is okay to dream right? I know there are a lot of things for me to learn and I still have a long way to go, but I am working really hard for it.

There is a saying that strikes deep in my heart, which goes, “Dream big, start small”. Therefore, today I would like to welcome you to a dish from that imaginary café – Blue House’s delicious burger. I suppose this is my way of starting small. And perhaps when some random day in the future arrives, feeling a bit exhausted from exploring a travel destination, you would stop at a street corner and look around. A place with blue brick walls and red door would appear in front of you that reminds you of a chef’s dream. Rest assured, you are guaranteed of a refreshing time and hearty meal once stepping inside.

Enjoy this burger recipe brought to you from the land of possibilities and may all your dreams eventually come true…


Blue House Café’s Burger

Prep time Cook time
20 minutes 20 minutes

Patty mixture


Ingredients Amount
Minced beef 1kg
Garlic 6 cloves
Onion 1
Flat-leaf parsley:  1 bunch
Egg 1
Ketchup 1/2 cup
Salt and pepper According to taste

Burger’s topping

Let your desire for the perfect burger guide you, here is mine:

Red onion
Sliced cheese


1. Place your minced beef in the fridge, so it is cold which will help to bind with other ingredients. Meanwhile, prep up your “patty mixture” by finely mince garlic, parsley and small dice the onion. Combine everything into a bowl that is big enough for mixing, then crack 1 egg, add the measured ketchup, season with salt and pepper.

2. Using your hand and start mixing all the ingredients together. You will want your hand to become like a mixer, moving in a circular motion, kinda whip everything to bind it together (I learnt this technique from making Chinese wonton or dumpling filling, it is to ensure you filling will stick together, will not fall apart and also keep the filling very moist.). I apply this technique everything I make burger patties and they always come out perfect and juicy.

3. After everything has come together, you can portion it to your desire. I portion mine around 150gm to 200gm per patty.

4. Let you patty rest in the fridge so they can firm up a little and then start prepping your topping.

5. I simply cut up some lettuce, thinly slice tomato and red onion ( If you do not like the strong flavour of the onion, you can soak them in ice water and pat dry when use). I dice up some pickle and mix in with mayonnaise and ketchup, a quick thousand island kinda sauce.

6. When it comes to cooking the patty, you can cook them on a grill or you can pan fry them. I pan fried mine as I do not own a grill. By grilling, you will have that smoky flavour from your wood chips or charcoal, but with pan frying, you can add another layer of flavour to this simple patty.

7. My advice for pan fry method is treated your patty like how you would treat a steak. Get your pan on a medium-high heat, season both sides of the patty with salt and pepper, when the pan starts slightly smoky, add some oil and then in with your patty. Flip your patty when it nicely caramelised on one side, add in a knot of butter, some herbs if you want (garlic, rosemary, thyme and so on). Paste the patty with the browned butter and I am sure with you it will be worth it.

8. Place sliced cheese on top of your patty and let it melt down to the meat.

9. When the patty reached your desired doneness, take it out to rest, and then start building up your burger.

Enjoy !!!

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