About Me

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“It all began with a conversation between friends, a mere suggestion.
Things seemed so simple, yet left an everlasting impact in my life.”

The Beginning

Cooking has been a part of me ever since I can remember. My first attempt to cook was a fried egg. I can still recall exactly the moment when it came out perfectly, with crispy edges and shining runny yolk. Everything around me lighted up, my eyes were brimming with pride and I got so pumped that I carried the skillet around the neighborhood and showed it to other kids and watched them drooling over it (silly little me haha). I couldn’t help it, I was so excited, like a kid that just got an A on his/her math exam. Years went by, but that seed of passion would not stop growing inside me.

Moving to Singapore probably was the turning point of my life. I was living with my older sister, so she took care of me, and that included feeding me. Well, to be honest, she was not really a great cook (sorry about that sis, but you know I am right haha). This living situation, in hindsight, helped me become more independent; indeed, I decided to cook my own meals from then on (for her as well of course). I started getting really into cooking shows, and Jamie Oliver quickly became my favorite. I was truly obsessed with his mesmerizing style of cooking and his ways of treating the ingredients, many of which were harvested right from his garden. I started off practicing by mimicking how he held his knife and how he could make those precise cuts. Moving on to a more exciting technique, Jamie’s pan flipping (or tossing if you prefer) was just so bewitching to look at that I told myself, “Man, I got to learn how to do this someday.” I tried, I failed, then I tried again, and I failed again, but then I noticed it got easier over time. From making a mess on the stove top, I was able to make the mess seem to be less messy.

Even having all of that fun with cooking while going through my high school student life, I was still clueless about what to do with my future, let alone thinking of becoming a Chef as a profession. It all came from a small chat with Jo, my Thai best friend. He and I were studying for our high school graduation exams, I remembered it was Accounting that we were trying to get over with that day, and oh boy did I suck at it. Then Jo asked me what I wanted to study after graduation. At that time, with not much of a solid idea about a future career path, I told him I was thinking of applying for a hotel management programme. And then he gave me a suggestion that would change my life forever. “You should study Culinary Arts, you know, like cooking,” he said, “I can tell that you love to cook.” His opinion hit me right then and there, and I began to wonder why I had never given a serious thought about this.

That was how my journey into the culinary world started.

I am thankful for the people that had helped me along the way, as I turn another page of my journey with “Culinary Frank”. This will be where I share my stories with other food enthusiasts about the pursuit of my passion for food, as well as photography. Though we might be strangers, I hope with the help of this blog, we would break that barrier, share our thought and love for this vast Culinary world.

Frank Pham

– Culinary Artist